Happy Teachers' Day! 25 Pictures Which Prove Just How Badass Teachers Are!

Check these 25 images of teachers who proved that they are not worth to be messed with.

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All of us, at some point or the other, have believed that our teachers would exploit us from a position of power. And one brave soul from time to time would try to rebel against this authority.

But teachers everywhere deal with a lot more than you can ever guess, and the challenges they face at work, make them stronger. Here are some examples of teachers who made it very clear that they are not to be messed with!

1. This teacher who made her terms for the Parent-Teacher meet very clear:

2. This teacher who shows you your place:

3. This insanely awesome teacher:

4. This teacher who reminds you that homework is not a WhatsApp chat:

5. This very encouraging teacher:

6. This teacher demonstrating Chemistry practically…

7…. And this one who was born to be a Gym teacher:

8. This teacher who knows what Maths is ACTUALLY about:

9. And this one who just wants you to love Newton:

10. This teacher who just gets you:

11. This teacher who took the ultimate revenge:

12. This teacher who knows how much you love Kate Winslet:

13. And also how much you love Breaking Bad (but this is school, bitches!):

14. This teacher who takes none of your shit:

15. This teacher who’s the real ‘cereal’ killer:

16. This teacher who says it like it is:

17. This teacher who is done with kids YOLO-ing in the Chemistry Lab:

18. If this doesn’t get you interested in History, I don’t know what will:

19. This teacher who loves Lord Of The Rings but hates your guts:

20. This teacher who is disgusted by your PDA but is classy too:

21. I NEED this teacher:

22. When you are so busy fantasising about Beyonce you forget to write your name on the sheet:

23. This teacher who knows what will make you love Physics:

24. This teacher about what really matters:

25. And this, vintage Teacher:

Share this with your teachers and thank them for being nice to you! ;)

All images sourced from pj, lifebuzz, lb, takepart and cubebreaker

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