Happy Birthday Michiel Huisman! Here Are 7 Lessons We Should All Learn From The Awesome Daario Naharis

we bring to you seven useful things that this shrewd, sharp and fierce warrior i.e Michiel Huisman Aka has to teach us (apart from being super hot of course!):

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Michiel Huisman aka Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones turns 34 today. The charming Dutch actor, and Ed Skrein before him, have played a character which somehow receives less attention than it should’ve, given how badass Daario is. On Huisman’s birthday, we bring to you seven useful things that this shrewd, sharp and fierce warrior has to teach us (apart from being super hot of course!):

1. Don’t let factors beyond your control define you

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Daario Naharis is no aristocrat. He was born to a prostitute in Tyrosh and sold to a slave master. Through sheer talent, he rose through the ranks and now owns the Second Sons, and is practically the military commander for Daenerys. He does not mope over the opportunities life denied him, and instead believes in making lemonade.

2. Build up an impressive résumé

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Daario speaks the Common Tongue, High Valyrian and also some Dothraki. He is a highly skilled fighter, and is efficient in the combat styles of a Dothraki screamer, a Norvoshi priest, and a Westerosi knight. He wields a Dothraki arakh and Myrish stiletto with equal ease. Remarkable, wouldn’t you say?

3. Stick to your principles

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For a sellsword, Daario has a very strict code of conduct. He believes in killing only when attacked and using his charm, not his money, to win a woman- because killing bystanders or paying prostitutes takes the thrill out of the task. (Not that we recommend either womanising or murder, just appreciate the spirit!)

4. Remain loyal to your friends

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Having sworn fealty to Daenerys, he is unflinching in his dedication. There might be sparks now and then between him and Ser Jorah Mormont or Grey Worm, but that does not come in the way of their being a highly efficient and understanding team in times of crisis. We do not, however, recommend killing your friends, (like Daario killed Second Sons leaders Mero and Prendahl na Ghezn), when you develop a new crush!

5. Cultivate a good sense of humour

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Amidst all the fighting and the intrigue, Daario retains a dry, sarcastic sense of humour. You cannot deny that this quality in a seasoned killing machine is very endearing!

6. Stand out in a crowd

In the books, Daario Naharis, after the fashion of many Tyroshi sellswords, is described like this:

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Whether or not to colour your long hair blue and fork your beard three ways is totally your call, all we’re saying is that a distinctive style of yours, which apes no one else, is immensely impressive!

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7. Be supportive of those you love

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Daario loves Daenerys, no doubts there. And their relationship, though not the rom-com little Sansa would dream of, is based on mutual respect and honesty. There are no power games, no jealousy, and a perfect understanding of what the other wants. Daario is doting in his love, shares her ambition, but also keeps giving her reality checks. We approve!

What else do you love about this dreamy, handsome, and legendary bundle of contradictions? Share with us in the comments below!

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