Happy Birthday Harry Pott..er..Daniel Radcliffe! 16 Things You Didn’t Know About The Boy Who Ruled

Beloved Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter series turns 26 today. We bring you some lesser known facts about birthday boy.

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The beloved Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter series turns 26 today. We bring you some lesser known facts about the birthday boy that every diehard Potterhead should know! Apart from the acting which he never wanted to do to, he has also appeared nude in a stage play! Read on for more:

1. His first acting role was in the TV movie David Copperfield (1999) and Daniel was only 5.

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2. Daniel never wanted to be an actor; he wanted to play cricket for England.

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3. He voiced a character, Edmund, in an episode of the animated television series The Simpsons in the late 2010s.

4. Daniel was sitting in a bathtub when he came to know that he was selected for Harry Potter, literally making it a Eureka moment!

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5. Daniel suffers from a condition called dyspraxia, which affects hand-eye coordination.

6. He actually made his film debut with The Tailor of Panama (2001) making The Sorcerer’s Stone the second movie for Daniel.

7. Daniel Radcliffe has also published poetry under the pen name Jacob Gershon.

8. From the Harry Potter books, Daniel’s favorite is the third one – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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9. Daniel speaks Spanish.

10. Daniel favorite classes are English Literature, Religion and History.

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11. Daniel believes in ghosts.

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12. Daniel defines himself as a “long-term relationship” person and a romantic.

13. Daniel never liked the flying brooms or magic wands from the Harry Potter movies. Instead, he likes the round rimmed glasses he wore: a total of 160 pairs throughout the filming of the series!

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14. Daniel was nicknamed "Harry Puffer" by his co-stars for having the so-called "20-a-day” cigarette habit.

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15. Daniel appeared totally nude during one scene of the stage play Equus.

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16. Daniel has also stated that he is "very proud of being Jewish" and in year 2012, he was ranked no. 10 in the 50 Most Talented, Intelligent, Funny, and Gorgeous Jewish Men In The World.

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