15 Tweets On Halloween That Is Slaying Twitter With Savage-ry!

Tacky yet satirical but still appropriate, are these tweets.

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Halloween is on the doorstep and even though India is slowly inculcating this tradition in its own, I still ain't going to find kids 'trick or treat' me today! Sigh.

Now even though the sarcasm died upon me, it made the Tweeple sit up and come up with their funniest-best tweets. Some got into the mockery mode, while others took a jibe and some went sarcy all out!

But whatever, it did keep the Twitter trending and us, rolling! On the eve of Halloween, we bring you a pumpkin full of untamed tweets.

Here are some of the best ones!

















Pretty savage, eh?

Information source: huffingtonpost

Title image source: thefuzemagazine

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