Choose One From These Amazing Parent-Baby Costumes, This Halloween!

Halloween is the time when people gear up for the most vibrant costume party.

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Halloween is just round the corner and like every year, the world along with some parts of India will be celebrating it with great enthusiasm.

The Western Christian eve is observed on 31st October annually. The three days long celebration is observed to remember the dead including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed.

Apart from the religious significance,  Halloween is also the time when people gear up for the most amazing costume party.

And if you are a parent to a newly born baby and confused about how will you and your young one stand out in your Halloween costume, then no worries. Because, we have some amazingly creative suggestions of the same. 

Sit back and pick your favourite from the list.

1. Make some way for Mr President 

Source: Instagram

2. Work Loader from Aliens

Source: Reddit 

3. Little Spidey is on the web

Source: Instagram

4. Scary AF!

Source: boredpanda

5. Cute Rapunzel on her castle!

Source: Costume 

6. Who's hungry? 

Source: theplace

7. They came straight from the Hogwarts!

Source: Twitter

8. Woah!

Source: Costume 

9. The Red Riding Hood!

Source: Instagram

10. Maleficent and her Raven

Source: Instagram

Title Image: Twitter,Instagram

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