Haider, A Heart Wrenching Character That Made Us Rethink The Sweetness Of Revenge!

Does revenge really beget revenge?

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“You never have to say sorry to me because I go out of my way to make sure you are!”.

REVENGE- an emotion, a feeling or a purely evil child of your mind, we all at some point of time sail in the boat of this “sentiment”.

Do you remember destroying the valued and treasured gifts your ex gave you, after your breakup?

You remember switching to using a cuss word in that heated discussion only when you were out of argument yet wanted to serve your opponent with an insult?

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Well, there was a Kashmiri boy who came home to learn that his father, a respected doctor in the valley had been arrested by the military for giving medical care to an insurgent leader.

While he suspects a foul play, he discovers his treacherous uncle romancing his mother and eventually it all becomes a game of seeking REVENGE.

Rings a bell?


Haider, a broken soul in search of Inteqaam!

Coming home to a broken house and relations beyond repairment, a boy wronged by the loved ones and the officials, a boy who is served with such harsh realities that he ends up questioning his existence.

His story of unresolved complexes, desire, revenge, melancholy, and life.

While you and I might not have complexes to resolve as grave as Haider Meer, but we sure at times are the struggling souls fighting with this emotion of revenge.

He was that one person who lived his whole life serving the principle “eye for an eye”. The testimony to the fact that anger and thirst for power often drive the vengeful feelings of people.

Haider seeks revenge from his uncle, Khurram who is accused of killing Haider’s father and later romancing his mother.  

His feelings turn so hyper eventually that he develops the Oedipal Complex, suppressed desires of the child to have sexual relations with the parent of opposite sex.

You might remember Haider sniffing his mother’s ittar while she gets ready to marry Khurram.

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Shakespeare once said,

"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?".

But does seeking revenge make you feel lighter?

While theories have varied opinions, philosophy has always put KARMA on a higher position.

For forgiving might not seem easy yet they say it does you good. While revenge makes you revisit the same anger producing the event, again and again, forgiving gets you moving on with your life.

Great minds like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr gave their wisdom seeds in the words,

“The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind”.

This masterpiece of Vishal Bharadwaj as well pointed out the power of forgiveness. For Haider’s forgiveness ended up becoming Khurram’s punishment as he had to live with the regret.

However as the course of events turn ugly, Haider realises that his 'Azadi' is not in his "Inteeqam" but it comes at the cost of his mother's life. While revenge might fuel your focus towards righting the wrong, we seldom forget how it blindfolds us to the minute realities of life.

While Haider kept himself busy with his plans and plots, he could not find peace in the arms of his love Arshia. The only piece of their love is the red scarf around Haider's wrist, the only sign of love in the blood filled valley.

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Now for some comic relief ( in the movie as well as here), you remember the grave diggers singing in the yard?

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The beats at which they dig the grave is in sync with human heartbeat. So, the irony of the situation is that every heartbeat of yours is taking you closer to your grave. And when everything is supposed to be buried under the ground, does this effort of seeking revenge really matter?

For some, it is all about seeking justice for something done wrong, for some, it all ends at maintaining law and order but

Oh Dear, can you really fix yourself by breaking someone else?

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