Hacks To Pretend Being A Book Nerd On This World Book Day!

Who knows, you might actually fall in love with these amazing little creations called BOOKS and end up becoming a real #BIBLIOPHILE.

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What would you do to make yourself appear a classic "biblipohile"? Use fancy words? Quote famous authors? Check out the bestsellers online and order yourself one? Well, a snap of you on a beach with a famous or "so-called bestselling" book might do the trick! 

But a well-researched lie will help you fake with more accuracy. Here is a list of a few things you must try putting out there to make yourself appear a #Bibliophile:

Say it with a status:

Source: popsugar

Every social media platform gives you a chance to update your status. Grab it with a catchy quote from a controversial/good/much in talk author or book. You don't need to actually read a book. Thanks to Goodreads, you get a handy list of all these collections of words that will make you look intelligent.

Become a self-proclaimed introvert:

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The new cool of introversion is being a book lover. The openly accepted excuse of you avoiding people would be you proudly proclaiming of being an introvert and spending your weekend just staring at your book until your folks leave you alone.

Talk low-brow of "party-animals":

Source: sensitivenewworld

Neighbours never complain about your book being too loud. All those who actually party on weekends will never understand why "aunty police bulalegi!"

Your reaction to seeing your favourite book:

Source: Tenor

Every part of your face must convey how dear your book is to you!

Book reading in summer time

Source: huffingtonpost

The best sunblock is sitting inside the house with a good book and obviously this must go on your Instagram and Facebook stories because that will make you cool


Source: baklol

Remember the general perception think that every Bollywood Actress must be a fashionista? Well, your collection of bookmarks speaks volumes about your reading love and book collection habits!


Source: bestanimations

Dinosaurs did not read, look what happened to them! The much in talk, bestselleing books must be on the tip of your tongue.

Fake it till you make it:

Source: bestanimations

Who knows, you might actually fall in love with these amazing little creations called BOOKS and end up becoming a real #BIBLIOPHILE

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