Hacking At Its Best: Hilarious Wikipedia Edits That Will Make You Go ROFL

You can never be too sure if what you're reading is 100% true. Wikipedia calls it internet vandalism.

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Since its inception in January 2001, Wikipedia has been one of the most amazing sources of factual (!) information on the internet. It’s also the world’s foremost not-for-profit source and this aspect is the reason why people still look at it with disapproval. Because nearly anyone can contribute. There are instances where people, from time to time, slip some alternative facts in it. 

From Hollywood celebrities to politicians, sportspersons to fictional characters and even scientifically proven theories, you can never be too sure if what you're reading is 100% true. Wikipedia calls it internet vandalism.

In order to combat this, Wikipedia has taken various measures such as permanently locking pages. Fortunately, these changes don’t stay on the pages for far too long. To demonstrate some of the funniest hackings, here we bring to you a list of hilarious changes on the Wikipedia pages:

Charlie Sheen is a half man!

Because describing Batman is quite difficult

Law of Thermodynamics

12th President of Turkey is a cockroach

Well, that's true

List of serial killers, don't expand

Paul Ryan is an extant specie

Who is a drummer?

Reality can be matrix

A puppet for Trump

That's really untruthful

Time for English lessons

Lebron killed Jason

Is it really a school?

Mariah is alive, for god's sake!

Seriously, the information is of little importance

Hawkeye is a velociraptor


Why so sad, buddy?

funny-wikipedia-edits-65-58fdbef7e1006__700 (1).jpg

Cause he's the king of Improv comedy

funny-wikipedia-edits-105-5903442d2acdb__700 (1).jpg

Lunar Eclipse explained in a simple way


Slogans to attract tourism?

funny-wikipedia-edits-107-59034608ec37c__700 (1).jpg

Janis Joplin is afraid of toilets


Criteria to qualify:

Jay-Z's got 99 problems and the 100th one is

Room temperature can make you uncomfortable

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