This Brilliant Guy Just Showed Us How To Create HDR Photo Using Microsoft Excel

Kevin is a computer science student at Columbia University and has previously worked as an intern on camera software at Apple.

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We all know the basic functions and the purpose that Microsoft Excel serves.  Almost everyone at some point has dealt with filling the excel sheets in our career spectrum. We so love to hate them, don't we?! 

When most of us were stuck in the formulas and toggling in between the sheets, this geek meanwhile did something so unusual that it just gave us a bolt from the blue.

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Meet Kevin Chen, a photography enthusiast and a software engineer who taught us that if there is an image that needs to be altered in terms of HDR then one can opt to use Microsoft Excel than Photoshop. It sounded weird and impossible to us, at first until he actually implemented his own generated formula and showed us the later image.

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The presentation he gave started off on the technical ground that gave us a broader view of digital photography. Together with linear equations and algorithms, he generated a formula which was broken down into a grayscale image that resulted in an HDR image.

Source: booooooom

Elaborating the details of the photography, Chen said,

 Have you ever taken a photo with areas that are too bright or too dark? As any photographer will tell you, high dynamic range photography is the right way to solve your problem. And, as any businessperson will tell you, Microsoft Excel is the right platform to implement your solution.

With his extraordinary logic and amazing skill set, the boy left no stone unturned to impress us.

Watch the video and you will realize the amount of hard work he has done to achieve this! 

Information source: booooooom, petapixel

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