This Guy Found The Best Answer To His Relatives’ “Shadi Kab Kar Rahe Ho” Questions!

Isn't it a good idea to fall in love with yourself, before falling for someone else??

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After a certain “age”, we all have those pesky relatives breathing down our necks, asking their favorite question, “Beta, shadi ke baare mein kya socha hai?”

Believe me, it is really difficult to deal with them. Why? Because they are everywhere and they never give up!

We come from a generation for whom marriage is not a goal, at least not until we have achieved something substantial. We are also a generation that understands the importance of self-love. We know that to love someone else, it is very important for us to know and love ourselves.

But because of the generation gap, it sometimes becomes difficult to make the elders understand this concept.

The 28-year-old music producer Nikhil Malik was frustrated with similar issues. He too was fed up with the “shadi” question and decided to do something about it. After a lot of brainstorming, he, along with his photographer friend Bhumika Bhatia, came up with the idea of having a unique photoshoot.

This 2-hour long fun photoshoot is his perfect answer to all the annoying marriage-related questions.

Have a look!

Well, you can always be right!

Sending some love, from me, to me!

I don't share food, unless of course, it's with myself!

To a lifetime of happiness!

It makes sense!

It's always a good idea!

Beautifully said! Isn't it a good idea to fall in love with yourself, before falling for someone else??

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