Qaidi No. 8647: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Listed 10 People As Visitors In Jail, Honeypreet Tops The List

Rahim has jotted down the names of 10 people, his “adopted daughter” Honeypreet topping the list.

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Jailed for 20 years after being convicted in two rape cases, the Dera Sacha Sauda leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim is in news for putting forth a list of people whom he wants to meet while in prison. Rahim has jotted down the names of 10 people, his “adopted daughter” Honeypreet holding the numero-uno spot.

The jail rules accommodate for prisoners to propose a list of visitors who can visit them during their term to the jail authorities. Apart for the ones listed, nobody else is permitted to meet the prisoner.

Earlier the glitzy leader’s pleaded to allow his favourite caretaker to stay behind with him in jail as she is also his physiotherapist and masseuse. Such a plea was rejected by a CBI court. 

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim has also expressed his wish to meet his other daughters and sons-in-law.

Phone numbers of Honeypreet and Charanjeet have also been submitted along with the list to the jail authorities.

The list of 10 visitors goes thus-

Honeypreet - Adopted daughter

Jasmeet Insaan - Son

Charanpreet - Daughter

Amarpreet - Daughter

Shaan-e-Meet - Son-in-law

Ruh-e-Meet - Son-in-law

Jagjeet Singh - Committee member

PRN - Ex-manager

Dharm Singh - Close worker

Gobhi Ram - Close worker

The flamboyant God-man is now addressed as Qaidi No. 8647 in the Sunaria jail of Rohtak. He has been allotted the work of gardening as per the prison rules.

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Rahim’s adopted daughter Honeypreet Insan, who he is apparently pining for in the jail, is absconding. The police have issued a lookout notice against her for devising an escape plan for the accused godman.

After the Dera Sacha Sauda leader’s conviction, the father-daughter duo appealed to the court for them to live together. Honeypreet applied through a lawyer while Ram Rahim filed a petition himself. The request was turned down by the court.

The duo were, however, allowed to fly together for the court to Rohtak and also share the police guesthouse of the Sunaria jail. They were seen sharing chocolates while in the chopper, according to the photos on social media.

The sect leader’s conviction lead to an outrage and riots by his followers. Numerous were injured and many killed in the deadly riots. After the incident, Ram Rahim was moved to an ordinary cell.

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