Guide: What Type Of Hair Oil Should You Use For Your Hair Type?

Guide: What Type Of Hair Oil Should You Use For Your Hair Type? we will tell you how to find the best hair oil for your hair type.

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Beauty experts and your hair have one thing in common, they both love oils. Since oils are full of fatty acids and are great lubricators, they heal your split ends, provide you moisture and help in de-tangling but for that you should know the correct hair oil for your hair type. Every new oil hits markets in few days and confusion is normal so we will tell you how to find the best hair oil for your hair type.

Hair Oil For Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Source: livestrong

Tea tree oil and thyme essential oil is best for you. They are anti-microbial, and is best used with grape seed oil as a carrier. It also contains vitamin E and linoleic acid to nourish the scalp and will help preventing dandruff. Tea tree oil is great since it will help you get rid of dead skin cells that cause dandruff and unclogs hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Hair Oil For Dry Hair

Source: ArganSpring

Argan oil is the most expensive of the hair oils but ask anyone who uses it and you’ll know the worth. It contains lots of vitamin E, omega 3 , fatty acids and antioxidants which does amazing things for dry, damaged, coarse and unmanageable hair. Argan oil also corrects split ends and revitalizes your hair.

Hair Oil For Thick Hair

Source: Coconutmerchant

Coconut oil is the best and powerful oil. High in vitamin E and nutrients, your hairs can absorb them and it will result in thick hairs, make your hairs shiny and will also give stronger roots. It will prevent your hair from frizz as it contains lauric acid and capric acid which have anti-microbial powers to make your hair more healthier.

Hair Oil For Thin Hair

Source: today

Avacado oil is best if your hair is on thinner side, since it is light oil it will promote cell growth and shine. Light weight oils are best for thin hair since it won’t weigh down your strands and is safer to use. Avacado oil will absorb into your hair without leaving it greasy and frizzy. The proteins will help in repairing damage done to hair cuticles.

Hair Oil For Dull Hair

Source: stylecraze

Almond oil is best to give you high amounts of shine, with vitamins A, B and E. It heals split ends, improves blood circulation and the fatty acids present also provide UV protection by reflecting harmful rays and make you hair grow longer and stronger.

Hair Oil For Curly Hair

Source: stylecraze

Babassu oil works for curly hair, it will define your curls more and prevent frizz. Babassu oil is extracted from the seeds of babassu palm plant. It is low on comedogenic scale, so it will prevent frizziness and does not irritate your scalp at all.

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