This Twenty - Something's Unique Way To 'Invest' Her Stress Resulted In This Art!

She started drawing comics to relieve stress and later made it into a series.

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Being moody, quirky and socially awkward is every twenty-something's story. 21-year-old graphic designer Bee is no different. 

Bee, however, found a creative way to relieve her stress- she started drawing comics and it eventually became a series. 

Within no time she realised that what she was sketching in graphics was actually a story lived by many and thus she took social media by storm. You can find traces of your life in her work as well:

Summer holidays or long weekends, it is the same story:

Crushed It

Girls like to swing ( but it ends up awkward):

Bee's Don't Dance (In Public)

Because it seems like a task to separate from the blanket:

Lump Days

Did you just say "remember"?

I Have The Memory Of A Dead Gnat

That one time when you actually gathered the courage:

Socializing Is Hard

Umm...How about buying it online?

Bubble Tea

Do you have people in your life they call 'Siblings'?

A Civil Game Of Cards

All images sourced from instagram.


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