Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Lists His Top 5 Indian Dishes And It Has Got Us Salivating!

When Ramsay visited India last year, he couldn't resist getting a hands - on experience working under the guidance of local chefs.

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Every foodie out there is very much aware of who Gordon Ramsay is.

And for those not inclined towards the culinary arts, well, Ramsay is a popular British chef and a television celebrity who appears on shows like Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. Just like all those talented chefs out there, Gordon too likes to experiment and try his hand at various cuisines. He visits various countries and tries the native, authentic foods from the kitchens of local chefs.

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Last year, Ramsay visited India and released a video showing us about his visit and the variety of dishes he tried his hand. Even someone like Gordon Ramsay could not resist trying the lip-smacking Indian cuisine and in the quest of trying the culturally-rich cuisine, took to the interiors of the country, including the jungles and villages.

As he embarked on his journey, he was told that Indian cooking isn’t so much about the recipe than it is about instinctive cooking. From quail - stuffed goat to potato to ample amounts of garlic and yogurt with coriander, these dishes gave Ramsay the best of the Indian cuisine. By the time Gordon took off, he made a list of his top 5 Indian dishes. Let’s find out what those are!

1. Goat Biryani

2. Chicken Tikka Masala

3. Ant Chutney

4. Spicy Indian Potato Pancake

5. Slow Cooked Pork Neck Curry

Watch the video here-

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