Google Removes 60 Apps Containing Malware & Pornographic Ads From Play Store

Google has also warned the users to be more careful while installing apps!

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Google has removed 60 gaming applications from Google Play Store. They were taken down after the discovery of new malicious software in the apps available to both children and adults. 

The malicious software also showed pornographic ads in order to trick the user to buy the premium services.

"We've removed the apps from Play, disabled the developers' accounts, and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them," NDTV quoted Google spokesperson. 

Google Play data says that a malware "AdultSwine" has been downloaded hiding inside the game apps for about 3 to 7 million times.

These ads hit the user by scareware pop-ups that warn users that they're phones are infected with a virus. If you click on the link to remove the virus, other attacks such as theft of user credentials activate.

However, the company officially clarified that the inappropriate ads within the apps were not Google ads.

Source: tech

"The most shocking element of this malware is its ability to cause pornographic ads (from the attacker's library) to pop up without warning on the screen over the legitimate game app being displayed," says the NDTV report. 

According to the report , the games which are taken down include "Paw Puppy Run Subway Surf", "Shin Hero Boy Adventure Game," "Drawing Lessons Lego Ninjago," and "Addon Sponge Bob for MCPE".

The users are also warned to be more observant while installing apps, especially those intended for use by children.

Information Source: Gadgade360

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