Google Allo Is Here! And Here’s What We Know About It

Google has positioned this app against Whatsapp with its inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called “Google Assistant”.

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Google has unveiled its newest product, the messaging-cum-assistant app called “Allo”. The app was announced alongside the recently released video calling service, “Duo”, at Google’s I/O event back in May.

Google has positioned this app against Whatsapp with its inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called “Google Assistant” that will serve as a virtual assistant. The service also includes end-to-end encryption, sticker packs and voice messaging.

1. Signup and Account Creation: You simply need to download the app and log-in using your Google ID. Clean and clear!
2. App Interface and Design: The interface, much like Android’s “Material Design” is squeaky clean and easy to understand.

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3. Security: You can also use Allo in incognito mode, where your text messages will not be logged and the chat gets fully encrypted. However, this also restricts some smart features. To combat this problem, Allo plans to keep only temporary message logs, in order to improve the Google Assistant and Smart reply features. The advantage is that you can keep all yours messages safe, as well as control how and when to permanently delete them from your device. Basically, you get additional controls over the privacy of your chats.

4. Smart Reply: These would act like conversation fillers. Suppose if somebody sends you a picture of a baby they’ve just had. Using “Smart Replies”, you will be able to choose from a variety of responses to react to that image. However, this will be evolutionary and the app will learn from your own responses the kind of recommendations to suggest.

5. Google Assistant: It will proactively suggest options to your queries at the bottom of the app's messaging window. That means you no longer have to leave your messaging app to do a quick Google search for your favourite restaurants, Coldplay concert details, movie time and so on. You can simply copy the information from the bottom window to your chat window and share it with your friends. Allo's “Google Assistant” can get everything done in the app itself.

So, what do you think?

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