Good News For All The Book Lovers!!! Bhadariya Village Is Home To One Of The Biggest Libraries In Asia!

The books in the library cover a wide range of topics and Indian texts.

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The village named Bhadariya has merely a population of 1500 people but the library can accommodate 4000 people inside which has 562 glass shelves and 9 lakhs books!! The library is visited by more than 60,000 scholars, researchers and tourists every year.

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The village is situated in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan and the library was made with Sant Harivansh Singh Nirmal's efforts. Jagadamba Seva Committee is the name of the trust that manages the library and spends 7 lakhs on the maintenance of the library.

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The books in the library cover a wide range of topics and Indian texts. The collection of books started in 1998 and has now reached to 9 lakhs and is still growing. Although the money collected was to build a temple of goddess but the people decided to build a library instead.

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The library is also going to start the process of issuing books so make sure to visit the library once if you visit Jaisalmer. Here is the video of the massive library,

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