This $2,000 Gold Pizza Is What Uncle Scrooge's Dreams Are Made Of!

Gold, foie gras, truffles, Stilton cheese and black squid ink go into making this pizza outrageously extravagant.

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There is no limit to how creative, or how extravagant, one can get with food.

And while we lesser mortals call a dish when we top it with an extra dollop of butter, a restaurant in New York City serves pizza that is topped with gold.


Gold pizza. I mean. #goldpizza #industrykitchen #mostexpensivepizzaintheworld

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The Industry Kitchen is known for its $2,000 24K Pizza, which is basically luxury served on a pan.

The crust of the pizza is infused with black squid ink - which is an ingredient you peasants won't understand.

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On top of it goes white Stilton cheese - a famous British cheese which gives you groovy dreams...

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There's the ridiculously expensive foie gras - liver of a fattened duck - from France.

Source: dartagnan

Truffles, which I'm too poor to appreciate...

Source: markys

Caviar from the Caspian Sea, the goopy stuff which you'll only ever see in movies...

Source: caviarrusse

And the star of the show, 24-karat gold sheets, and gold flakes.

Source: wsfm

Gold Flakes. Let that sink in.

Source: tenor

Watch the making of this pizza here. The filthy-rich people say it is delicious. We wouldn't know.

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