A Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant That Serves An Actual 'Goblet Of Fire'!

The Singapore restaurant also has on its menu other Harry Potter-themed items like the Elixir of Life and Sleeping Draught.

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Potterheads can't have enough of Harry Potter-themed everything, and the latest addition to the Wizarding world is Platform 1094, a cafe in Singapore that is taking fandom to new levels. The restaurant, situated on 1094 Serangoon Road in Singapore, has on its menu items like the Sleeping Draught, the Elixir of Life, and even an actual, flaming Goblet of Fire!

Chairs with the Patronus motif. facebook

Instagram user larvitar shared the process of creating this magical cocktail:

I can imagine Dumbledore pacing frantically around that cup, with names shooting out any time now!

The restaurant also serves gourmet desserts painstakingly designed around the Harry Potter aesthetic.

That wand though!

Haven't you always wanted to have a Chocolate Frog?

Oh sweet Merlin! Transport me to Singapore already!



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