Goa Should Become Expensive Enough To Discourage Low Budget Indian Tourists - State Minister

Every year, Goa attracts almost 6 million tourists out of which 0.5 million are foreigners.

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If there is an ultimate budget travel destination in India, it is Goa. We have all planned that graduation trip to Goa with friends, that all girls trip in the college break, that impromptu bachelor party because Goa is the place to go if you want to have a lot of fun without really burning a hole in your pocket.

But looks like the Goa state government does not want to entertain budget travelers anymore. According to a state minister, the state government wants tourism in Goa to become so expensive that budget travellers are discouraged from coming there.

Vijay Sardesai, the Town and Country planning minister, also said that the state needs to re-orient its tourism in order to attract more high profile tourists. He added that Goa wants to focus more on quality tourism.

Now isn’t that great for tourism development!

While answering questions about overcrowding and the inflow of many budget tourists during Christmas and New Year, Sardesai said, “I (had) said Goa should become so expensive for the tourists that they should say ‘I should not come to Goa. It is not worth going to Goa’. Which tourist -- Indian tourist.”

Sardesai is the head of the Goa Forward Party, which has 3 members in Chief Minister Parrikar’s 12 member cabinet.

“It should also be a place which gives high-end facilities and gets high-end tourism, which benefits the sons of the soil,” he said.

Every year Goa attracts almost 6 million tourists out of which 0.5 million are foreigners.

According to Sardesai, the tourism rush is at its peak during the festive season and that put a lot of pressure on the state’s inadequate infrastructure. He says that there is a need for it to be improved.

Talking about infrastructure, he said, “Today we are competing with Kerala, we are competing with Sri Lanka and mostly with Southeast Asia. Now South East Asia has a lot more to offer. They have got 500 golf courses, we do not have a single golf course and we still say we don’t want that.”

“(Need for) re-orienting tourism to get high-end and see that people who come to Goa is not just about quantity, but quality,” he added.

Information source: hindustantimes

Cover image source: timelinegoa

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