Click To Have Fun? This Escort Service Site Will Give You Nightmares For Life

This website raises an important issue that has historically been b

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We live in a so-called civilised society where prostitution is an open secret. But about this section of people are conveniently left out of the human rights discourse, more often than not.

Girls Of Paradise is an escort hiring site, where a user can click on any female sex worker (FSW) - Marielle, Lucy, Sybille or Monica. As soon as user clicks to choose any FSW and thinks of having some ‘good time’, the dream ends and the nightmare starts. This site appears to be like any other escort service website on the Internet, but the truth behind this website will run chills down your spine.

As soon as you start chatting with 19-year-old Ines, a blood-curdling message fills the screen: "Ines was thrown from a bridge by her pimp. She is seriously disabled and will never be able to walk again."

Source: youtube

Go further and click on Julia. This time you will get an appalling message: "The body of Julia, burnt, slashed and heavily battered with brass knuckles, was found in the Bois Du Boulogne (park in Paris). Killed by a client."

Source: youtube

Girls Of Paradise is an escort service site which uses the image of real women who were murdered by their clients, pimps or traffickers. This site was live for ten hours and more than 600 phone calls and thousands of online chats were recorded.

Source: coloribus

According to French charity Foundation Scelles, there are 40 million FSW across the world. Most of these FSW’s are duped or forced into sexual slavery by pimps and traffickers, largely due to poverty and a marginalised status in society. Watch this video to learn more.

Powerful indeed!

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