Girls, Are You Really Modern?

So as promised here it is… similar question for the girls.

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So as promised here it is… similar question for the girls.

Every time I ask a woman “What Modernity means to you?” She answers audaciously - FREEDOM! Well, that is not self- explanatory. So what kind of freedom do you expect with modernity?

“Modernity is freedom to dress up modern, freedom to go wherever we want and whenever, to enjoy endless late night parties, earn and spend at our will, marry a partner of our choice…”

This compilation of answers is based on real life discussions with real life girls in a very real society.


Believe me I don’t have anything against this definition of modernity. However I do flinch every time I hear a new skewed definition of INDIAN MODERNITY while wanting to live with every other privileges of WESTERN MODERNITY.

I have some questions for you girls before you stake your claim to modernity:

 - Do you know that in the modern world that we are trying to mimic, there are no maids and no parents to do your dirty work, cook for you and take care of your kids while you go out to earn and enjoy your financial freedom? Are you prepared to pay this price of modernity?

 - Do you know that in the modern world that we so love, women are regularly faced with situations where men approach them with various degrees of proposals? Are you comfortable facing the same?

 - Do you know that in the western world women socializing with men is not looked down upon by the society but in modern India, whether we like it or not, it is always, mind you, always looked at as a proof of loose character of the woman involved in such association? Can you be happy and unaffected even amidst those allegations and accusations?

 - In your need for modernity and freedom are you even slightly aware that even the parents of the western modern women enjoy their freedom because their daughters leave the house, earn for themselves, do not ask any money from the parents, take care of their own children and do not expect their mothers or mother in laws to do it for them? Are you prepared to do the great juggling between family and work and freedom on your own that practically means 24 X7 on the toes and hardly anytime to enjoy the fruits of freedom?


If you answer No for any of the above, you are NOT modern. You are only wanting to take up the privileges of a modern society, only that which makes your life convenient, luxurious and responsibility free while putting the burden of the real life on your parents and partner.  

Think girls… Are you really Modern …or simply an Opportunist?

Here is the link to the previous article asking same question to boys.

Author: Dr. Sapna Sharma (Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Author, Speaker)

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