This Guy Did The Sweetest Thing For His Girlfriend Suffering From Depression

Guy does a unique thing to help his girlfriend fight with depression.

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Relationships are hard work, there’s no one denying that. They come with their own highs and lows and no matter how clichéd that sounds, the true test of any relationship is when either of the partners is dealing with problems. Among the problems one can face, depression is the most common, yet hardly acknowledged one. If someone’s partner is suffering from depression, how the other person handles can improve the situation or make it worse.

While most of the people ignore depression thinking it’s just a passing phase, here’s an example of a guy who went that extra mile to help his girlfriend battle depression.

A Reddit user called Bovadeez, is helping his girlfriend cope up with her depression in the most unique way.

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Bovadeez came up with a unique DIY way to help his depressed girlfriend. He took a bundle of painted ice cream sticks, put them in a mason jar and gifted it to his girlfriend.

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What’s so unique about painted ice cream sticks in a mason jar, you might ask. Here it is then.

He did not just paint ice cream sticks and put them in a mason jar, he colour-coded the ice cream sticks and each colour represents activities that would help her feel better.

For example, orange stands for motivational quotes, yellow stands for reminders and pink stands for things or activities that could help her relax. He has also left a few sticks blank, so that she could pen down happy memories and reminders when she is feeling low.

Sweet, isn’t it?

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Here’s a little example of things he writes to her.

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Many Reddit users have appreciated Bovadeez’s efforts and have wished him luck. Nothing helps a depressed person more than love, support and a few understanding words.

This little gesture by Bovadeez is a  huge step towards removing the stigmas associated with depression. Thank You Bovadeez for restoring our faith in love and compassion!  

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