This Girl Destroys Misogyny And Shatters Old-Age Taboos Through This Hard Hitting Poem

The poem also focuses on important topics like rape, menstruation and acid attacks.

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Judgmental aunties, ogling uncles, sexual predators and what not! A woman has to go through a lot. Every time a woman is out in public, she’s judged by the way of how she talks, how she walks or her dressing sense. Our society’s mentality is so sickened that in no time, we label her as a whore or a slut if she doesn’t live by the societal norms.

Mumbai-based Aranya Johar has penned down a hard hitting poem which takes on misogyny and shatters age-old taboos and silly generalizations.

With the poem titled ‘A Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender’, Aranya asks one major question: “ We don’t want to another of India’s daughters, do we?, while referring to important points like rape, acid attacks and fear of every Indian woman.

Every girl, and more importantly every boy should watch this empowering video posted by UnErase Poetry:

Source: UnErase Poetry

Because as the poem says, we definitely can make it slightly easier for each and every girl.

More power to you, Aranya!

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