Did You Know That This 9-Year-Old Girl Is Allergic To Sunlight?

The girl was diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum in 2009.

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There’s nothing bad in having allergies. Allergies do no good to human health as they trigger many health ailments, depending on the immunity build-up of course!

But what would be the life of a person who has weirdest allergy- “Sun Allergy”. Shocking, isn’t it?

I thought only vampires have to deal with such allergies. Well, jokes aside, we do feel bad for this 9-year-old girl who suffers from a genetic disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP). This means that her body is unable to repair DNA damage caused by UV light, which makes her allergic to sun and sunlight.

Caitlin McCabe hails from East Taunton, Massachusetts, and her mother Ann-Marie is a nurse practitioner by profession. Every single time when Caitlin has to step out of the house, her mother applies layers of SPF 50 sunscreen lotion to her skin. Her protective armour doesn’t end here, she also wears a UV-blocking shield, gloves, and protective clothing to save her from the harsh sun rays.

Her skin is so sensitive that if she steps in to the sun without protection she gets severely burned, that too within 90 seconds.

Talking about the attire she has to don before stepping out, Caitlin’s mother said,

She needs protection from bounce off the pavement otherwise she could burn her chin and in the winter she could be burned by the reflection from the snow. She puts on her gloves up under her jacket and there are no areas of the skin exposed. Then we plop her shield on her head.

McCabe Robert was the first one to notice his daughter’s reaction; when she was barely a month old. It came to light when her mother took her out for five minutes in the sun. 

Remembering the incident, she said,

I didn't think anything of it, but at 2.30am I woke up to her screaming and thought she needed to be fed, but she was one massive scab.

Caitlin also spoke about the discomfort she faces every day,

I get really, really bad sunburn and I have a shield, a coat and gloves to protect me. My whole body is covered. I'm kind of hot in it but it is my shield. It has a fan on it so I can keep cool.

She further added,

At nighttime I can play outside without my gear on. I like going outside without it on because I get to enjoy things that other people do, like playing on my swing set and driving my truck.

The patients suffering from XP have10,000 times more risk of developing skin cancer. To make things worse, the disease has also started to affect Caitlin's balance and reflexes. 

Image and information sourced from ladbible

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