Gifts And Geeks: A List Of Gifts For Science Geeks

If you are looking for a gift to give someone special and that someone special is a science guy and always digs for science then this one is surely for you!

Lego Mug, Heartbeat Silk Scarf, Mathematical pie plates, Higgs Boson Watch, Plush Dinosaur Bouquet, “The Martian” Extended Edition, Dinosaur Rolling Pin

If you are looking for a gift to give someone special and that someone special is a science guy and always digs for science then this one is surely for you! Instead of buying chocolates why not buy them a plate full of math equations??? The celebration can be anything from birthdays to graduation parties or just to spoil your loved ones; science loving people will love the gifts and even you!

1. Lego Mug Amazon

Everyone needs a cup, if the person loves Legos then your work just ended here! The build on brick coffee mug is shaped to be a mug and with the playfulness of Legos the mug is compatible with most of the brands that give you the building blocks. Since you’ll have to bring your own Legos to the breakfast table the mug proves not that bad as a gift. Blocks aren’t included with the mug and the mug is for $13.

2. Heartbeat Silk Scarf Etsy

The gift is a scarf since your loved one would surely make your heart skip a beat! This beautiful scarf will show your love and affection, and will brighten your partner’s face and wardrobe too! The silk Scarf is for sale and is only for $65.

3. Mathematical pie plates Uncommongoods

The serving plates have a fun equation and come printed with equation that has a secret meaning. The plates are microwave and dishwasher safe plates with messages such as “I eight sum pi”. A set of two plates will cost you around $35.

4. Higgs Boson Watch Zuminal

The watch is for sale on Amazon just for 42.95 and just like the Higgs Boson is thought to give all other particles mass this elusive particle also inspired artists to make this watch and so you can see the second hand spins around representing Higgs decaying into other bosons.

5. Plush Dinosaur Bouquet Gizmodo

Why to give a rose bouquet if you have a dinosaur one? The gift includes six dinosaurs in all, like Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Apatosaurus. So surprise your loved one with the creatures of Mesozoic era that is available for $50.

6. “The Martian” Extended Edition Criterionforum

The 2015 hit film “The Martian’’, nominated for seven Academy Awards including best picture, has an extended edition DVD. This special two-disc set includes behind-the-scenes look at the science behind the movie and more than 10 minutes of footage which was not shown in theatres.

7. Dinosaur Rolling Pin Huffingtonpost

The laser printer engraved rolling pin can be used on dough, clay and even noodles. If you use them on pies or cookies then you can even review the scientific names of the dinosaurs on you delicacies. IT includes beasts like Tyrannosaur, Sauropod, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a Velociraptor only for $29.99.

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