Get Your Geek On: Origins Of 8 Everyday Words

We’re NOT citing Oxford or Merriam Webster or Collins or any other tome that is still gathering dust in a corner of your room. Pinch of salt recommended.

Origins Of 8 Everyday Words, Origin Of Common Words, Origin Of Some English Words, Geek, Dystopia, Booze, Salary, Robot, Juggernaut, Dude, Emoji

Disclaimer: We’re NOT citing Oxford or Merriam Webster or Collins or any other tome that is still gathering dust in a corner of your room. Pinch of salt recommended.

1. Geek

Present use: A person obsessed with a certain intellectual pursuit who you bullied in school but has now acquired godlike status owing to the popularity of shows like The Big Bang Theory. Also, wannabes wearing gigantic thick-rimmed glasses because Beckham did.

Origin: Low German ‘geck’. Used in present form in 17th century English to mean sideshow freak in a circus with a special set of skills like insect eating and biting heads of live animals.

2. Dystopia

Source: hgggirl

Present use: Malfunctioning universe where your favourite fictional characters exist and participate in over-complicated obstacle races for some unknown reason.

Origin: NOT Utopia, an imperfect world. Coined by Thomas More in his 1517 Latin book Utopia: perfect, ideal (nonexistent) place.

3. Booze

Present use: What (you think) gets you through a week of mind-numbing work and meaningless social interactions.

Origin: Dutch ‘busen’, to drink excessively or ‘buise’, drinking vessel.

4. Salary

Source: memecenter

Present use: An elusive entity which miraculously disappears as soon as it is seen. Also allows you to obtain #3.

Origin: Latin ‘salarium’, an allowance to Roman soldiers to buy salt which was a treasured kitchen essential.

5. Robot

Present use: What you feel like after a day at work. Also, creatures who at some point will take over the Earth and enslave humans.

Origin: Czech ‘robata’, forced labour. Present form coined in 1910 by Josef Kapek for his brother Karel’s play Rossum’s Universal Robots.

6. Juggernaut

Present use: Marvel supervillain. Invulnerable as long as his helmet is on. Basically any unstoppable entity (but you only care about Professor X’s half-brother anyway).

Origin: The Rath Yatra at Jagannath (yes) Puri in India where gigantic chariots are used to move deities Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra.

7. Dude

Source: amazon

Present use: What you call any random person when you run out of more educated ways to address them. Also Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski (1998).

Origin: 19th century English. Pejorative term for a dandy, one who was too fastidious with his fashion choices and appearance.

8. Emoji

Source: makeameme

Present use: Yellow bubble-faces that have replaced respectable English (or even the Godforsaken SMS lingo) in modern day conversation. Also, yet another thing you have 1,50,000 of without knowing what to do with them.

Origin: Japanese ‘e’ (picture)- ‘moji’ (character). Resemblance to English ‘emotion’ or ‘emoticon’ is purely coincidental.

So go ahead and show off your newfound knowledge like the dude you are (use less emojis though)!

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