10 Genius Coffee Shops That Will Make Your Day

These cafes are serving coffee along with humor!

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Coffee with its zippy tang proves a relieving beverage in our daily lives, regardless of its type. While you walk into a coffee shop and expect a nice coffee, good music, a book and a corner to relax, these ten coffee shops also serve you some humor and genius, in addition.

We bring you a list of cafes that are trying their hilarious best to steal customers from their competitors.


This Use Of The N In An Open Sign At A Café


No Smoking Sign At A Nearby Coffee Shop


Found At My Local Café


My Local Coffee Shop Gives Free Compost Made From Their Used Coffee Grounds


The Sign Outside My Local Coffee Shop


An Actual Canadian Coffee Shop


This Coffee Shop Wall With Books Crashing Through


💩 Milkshakes From A Local Café


Please, I Want A Coffee With My Face On It


This New Café Opened In My Town, And I Noticed Something Funny About The Books They Had

Information and Images Source: boredpanda 

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