Think It’d Be Cool To Have A 'Game Of Thrones'-Themed Wedding? Think Again!

Why getting George R. R. Martin to plan your wedding, no matter how big a fan you are, isn't a great idea. Unless, you enjoy "squash laced with tears of Lys".

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Getting George R. R. Martin to be your wedding planner isn’t just about doing your hair like the Khaleesi or calling your spouse “My sun and stars”. You either run away or you die. Mostly just the second bit.

A Facebook page recently came up with this hilarious video about why GoT fandom is not for the weak of heart (and stomach).

GRRM is a wedding planner with “roasted hog” and “wild hare drowned in butter” for your wedding menu, a band of paid assassins ready to slaughter the party on cue, and “crossbowmen” in case you thought throat-slitting is too extreme.

What happens when a smitten couple approaches the God of Death himself for their wedding? Find out in this video!

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