North Of The Wall? 12 Game Of Thrones Filming Locations Every GOT Fan Must Visit

The wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones is well into its sixth season now We’ve put together the actual locations of some of the most iconic GoT scenes:

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The wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones is well into its sixth season now. The series has been appreciated not only for bringing to screen the political intrigue in the fictitious Seven Kingdoms, but also for its stunning VFX and art direction which shows meticulous attention to detail. The popularity of the series, filmed primarily in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Croatia and Morocco has led to these locations becoming tourist hotspots in the recent years. We’ve put together the actual locations of some of the most iconic GoT scenes:

1. King’s Landing: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Source: wikipedia

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the setting for the centre of all intrigue in Westeros, its capital. Different parts of the city serve as the background for events across seasons: The Arboretum Trsteno for the gardens around the Red Keep and the Lovrijenac Fortress for some exterior shots of the Keep itself. The bay facing the Lovrijenac Fortress also doubled as Blackwater Bay for the epic battle.

2. Red Keep: San Anton Palace, Fort Ricasoli,  Malta

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Scenes from the Red Keep in the  initial seasons were shot in Malta. The San Anton Palace, the official residence of the Maltese President stood in for certain shots. The entrance of the Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara, is seen when Ned Stark and his party arrives in the city.

3. Beyond the Wall: Vatnajokull, Iceland

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What better than the largest glacier in Europe to create the setting for the very home of Winter! The Vatna glacier in Iceland forms the setting for the frigid region North of the Wall.

4. Daznak’s Pit, Meereen: Plaza de Toros de Osuna, Spain

Source: bustle , forbes

The backdrop for one of the most legendary scenes of the series, this amphitheatre is located in the Andalusian capital of Seville.Quick trivia: this monument was chosen as the stone used resembled the ones in Croatia, where the rest of the filming for Meereen was done.

5. Winterfell: Castle Ward, Northern Ireland


An 18th-century castle in Strangford, County Down, its towers double as the tall towers surrounding the Stark residence. You might remember it as the place where Robert Baratheon’s royal party is received in S1E01. Doune Castle in Scotland (not pictured) is also used for exterior shots of Winterfell.

6. Tower of Joy: Zafra Castle, Spain

Source: skyscanner

The witness to Ser Arthur Dayne’s single-handed duel with a young Ned and his men, this fortress in Guadalajara is being looked upon for many answers in the series, including the mystery surrounding Lyanna Stark.

7. Braavos: Sibenik, Croatia

Source: elitereaders

The historic city of Sibenik with its coastal location and quaint architecture stands in for Braavos in the GoT universe. The city possesses a number of monuments and plazas which bear witness to Arya’s struggle to become “no one”.

8. House of the Undying: Minceta Tower, Croatia

Source: kingslandingdubrovnik

The heartbreaking scene where Daenerys sees visions of an alive and healthy Khal Drogo with their son, conjured up by the warlock at Qarth, was filmed here.

9. Horn Hill: Santa Florentina Castle, Spain

Source: skyscanner

The spectacular residence of House Tarly that made its appearance in the sixth season is an 11th century medieval castle situated in Barcelona. It is rumoured that it will be the site of an epic battle in this season.

10. Iron Islands: Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland

Source: wikipedia

Situated in County Antrim, the basalt-and-limestone topography of these islands becomes the perfect setting for the bleak country of the Greyjoys.

11. Great Sept of Baelor: Fort Manoel, Malta

Source: wikimedia

The facade of the Fort Manoel in Marsamxett Harbour was used in one of the most iconic scenes of the series, the execution of Ned Stark.

12. Castle Black/ Hardhome: Magheramorne quarry, Northern Ireland

Source: Magheramorne

Also in Antrim, the abandoned quarry and the surrounding locations serve as the setting for the stronghold of the Night’s Watch. Interestingly, the gruesome Battle at Hardhome was also filmed on this location.

These are some of the many stunning locales we see in the Game of Thrones. Know more? Share with us on facebook!

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