Lest We Forget: Artist Compiles All Major 'Game Of Thrones' Deaths In Hand-Drawn Sketches

Hannes Sommer, an Austrian artist recreates the manner of exit of all major deceased GoT characters.

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George R. R. Martin, and the showrunners of HBO series Game of Thrones are very particular about keeping it real. As such, deaths of characters in this series are as creative as they are gruesome. Not too mention a little too frequent for our liking.

Hannes Sommer, an Austrian visual artist has painstakingly created a compilation of sketches portraying all the major deaths on Game of Thrones, in order of occurrence. In an incredible single-shot video, Sommer innovatively presents the characters and the manner of their exit from the show.

Don't be fooled by the light tone of the short video- the artwork took Sommer 150 hours- that's roughly a season and a half of GoT- to complete.

Prepare to be floored:

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