Friends With Benefits: Why It Is Not So Much A Benefit!

Starting a casual, no-strings attached relationship and embarking on a fun and hassle-free experience can be a good idea as long as its inside your head

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Starting a casual, no-strings attached relationship and embarking on a fun and hassle-free experience can be a good idea as long as its inside your head, but when it comes to real life, you have got to know why being ‘friends with benefits’ with a ‘friend’ is a bad idea:

1. You’d be just like ‘Dylan’ and ‘Jamie’ from the movie Mbc

The ‘Friends with Benefits’ actors Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake make you discover that friends with benefits leads to nothing else but complications between two people.

2. The pleasure is not worth the pain giphy

We engage ourselves in an endeavor as long as the positives outweighs the negatives. But in this situation, the pain outweighs the pleasure, the hurt outweighs the contentment and the short-term-happiness never makes up for the stubborn scars.

3. Physical relation leads to emotional attachment favim

If you are physically involved with a ‘friend’, chances are that your mind will subconsciously get involved emotionally. It’s a vicious circle and just as when you get to know you’re trapped, you cannot get out of it.

4. It leads to emotional trouble goodreads

Physical pleasure cannot subside emotional longings. The emotional trouble and turmoil that will behead the ‘beneficial’ friendship will only pave way for glitches and difficulties.

5. Communication is the foundation of any relation

friends with benefits gifsSource: gurl

While friends with benefits can’t work with communications, the whole idea of it brews difficulties upon the basic pathway to a successful relation.

6. Like everything else, it won’t last forever okmoviequotes

A relationship without feelings and emotions is good to go for a while, but sooner or later it will exhaust. And you will have to pay the price.

7. It’s ambiguity leads to heart-break rebloggy

Where do we stand? Where is the relationship going? What phase are we in right now?

When you cannot answer these questions, you’d lose control over your emotional well-being. And when even your partner won’t be able to answer your queries, it’ll break your heart.

And what’s worse than a heartbreak?

What is worth a relation that’s merely a relation and will do such damage to you?

Don’t go for short-term happiness giving away your long-term happiness.

All the best!

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