Friends That Bring Different Versions Out Of Us

We are friends with many different people and with them, we are sometimes wild, sometimes serious, sometimes downright’s just different Personalities

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We are friends with many different people and with them, we are sometimes wild, sometimes serious, sometimes downright mad. It is not that we all are wearing masks or that we are fake- it’s just that different personalities bring out a different version of us.


Let's take a look at different kinds of friends from our favourite TV series, the likes of which we also meet in our day-to-day life.

1. Suits: Harvey and Mike (Bringing out the Kid)

The one friend like Mike who is a lot younger, or fun-loving than you and helps you bring out your childish side. It is very necessary for survival in this harsh world. One light-hearted conversation or a silly joke can be enough to make you feel better and release some stress. Keeping a straight face all day is not good anyway. We can’t always live like Harvey.

2. The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Leonard (The friend who’s also your baby)

He is your bud, probably your best friend but the special thing about friendship like this is that your friend is a kid and not at all mature. So naturally it becomes your responsibility to look after him. He is going to annoy you, pester you and make you angry but ultimately you are going to miss him when he is not around. Sheldon is an infant when it comes to tackling the real world and without a friend like Leonard he probably won’t make it.

3. Joey and Chandler (The one who makes you gay)

This one is very common. Two friends who know each other so well that nothing can separate them. You hang out together, chill together, party together and even act all crazy together. This one kind of a friend cannot be simply separated from you and that plants a seed of doubt in everybody’s head. Are you two gay? Well Joey and Chandler certainly give us occasion to doubt their sexuality even though their casual flings happen all the time.

4. Two Broke Girls: Kat and Beth (The one who is broke for life)

No money, no fancy stuff, not even have enough to go out and eat something. Yet the friendship does not end. These type of friends truly makes you realize that friendship and money do not run parallel- in fact they are not even in the same universe. Kat and Beth personify that kind of friendship. You both have dreams and want to achieve them together, even if it means starting from the rock bottom.

5. Jaime and Brienne (The one who brings out your sensitive side)

You may be rough, tough and extremely hardcore. You may be the ruthless knight Jaime and then there will enter a person like Brienne who brings out the tender side in you. Jaime never really stood out as an emotionally sensitive character, he always appeared selfish but started becoming likeable when he met Brienne.

6. Jesse and Heisenberg (Nothing personal- all professional)

Jesse and Walter White aka Heisenberg truly depict a friendship like that. They share no love and their hatred for each other is very evident. These types of friends exist in the workplace only and when the day ends their ties end too.

7. Ted and Marshal (I love you no matter what)

The one friend who you met in school, hostel or college and instantly became best pals with. Marshall and Ted share that kind of bond which is incorruptible and undeniably everlasting. You know each other’s likes and dislikes, better than your spouses. Who knows, maybe your compatibility is better too!

8. Sherlock: Holmes and Watson (The one who completes you)

The one who completes you, this one feels like the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your life.We only find rights things, in wrong places. That is the case here, John comes nowhere close to Sherlock’s intellect and yet he is the one person who made Sherlock embrace his emotions. This proves that Sherlock, at the end of the day, is not a robot.

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