The Clan For "Fightin' Crime" Increases As The Powerpuff Girls Welcome A Fourth Girl!

From the silhouette, the girl seems to be tall and powerful

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Remember the good old childhood days, when Cartoon Network had some really good shows lined up for us? Amongst many, The Powerpuff Girls remained our all-time favourite. It started with an introduction- "The city of Townsville" and ended with- "The day was saved by the Powerpuff Girls." Now these three little cute girls will be seen coming back to show their power-packed performance and with them comes a surprise.

Yes folks, the show will now be seen with a new character who will be the fourth Powerpuff Girl.

Cartoon Network announced this surprising news on Twitter:  

The voice to this new character will be given by South African singer Toya Delazy. We hope that this new girl proves to be a great companion to the Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

It is said that the fourth crime-fighter will be tall and dark-skinned. Three cheers for representation!

Are you as excited as I am?

Information source: popsugar

Title image: twitter

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