Four Asteroids Heading Towards Earth Set To Narrowly Escape Collision

Four asteroids coming close to the Earth together is unprecedented.

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Four massive asteroids named 2006LH, 2010XN, 2015YQ1 and 2006XD2 travelling together are headed towards the Earth and will fortunately miss our planet.

The largest of the four asteroid 2006LH is travelling at a speed of 8 miles an hour which is the fastest among all. The size of this asteroid is around 260 metre across which is twice the size of the London eye. It is also the asteroid that will travel closest to the earth - missing the earth by around 1.5 million miles.

While many of the Near-Earth Asteroids come within just under 6 million miles of Earth each month, it is very rare for four asteroids to all pass on the same day.

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Planetary scientist Dr Detlef Koschny, Co-Manager of the European Space Agency’s Space Situational Awareness division said, “If these asteroids were to hit our planet, they have quite the potential to cause some serious damage. But, none of them have any chance to impact the earth, so we are safe.” Dr Koschny also added, “ This is very rare. I don’t remember anything happening like this before.”

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