Fortis Hospital Charged Rs. 18 Lakhs For A 15-Day Dengue Treatment Of A 7-Year Old

The parents are now weighing up the decision to sue the hospital for its wrongdoings.

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The Gurugram branch of Fortis Hospitals charged the parents of a seven-year-old dengue patient and a whooping sum of Rs. 16 lakhs. The stay of the patient was for 15 days, at the end of which, the girl succumbed to the illness.

The parents, who were already in a shocked state for losing their daughter, were now scandalized by the amount of the bill. The itemized bill which extends to 19 pages shows the charges for 661 syringes, 2700 gloves and various other items that were required for the treatment.

The girl, identified as Adya Singh was a resident of Dwarka. Her father, Jayant Singh paid the bill amount without retaliating but accused the hospital authorities of unnecessarily inflating the bill and pricing the equipment at any random costs.

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The Union health minister JP Nadda took note of the incident and expressed grief and support to Adya’s family. He also tweeted: “Please provide me details on We will take all the necessary action.”

When contacted Fortis, they denied any such offence and that the bill was in line with the norms and procedures of the hospital. The hospital further said that the girl was in a critical condition and the procedures followed were as per the clinical guidelines.

According to News18, the father of the girl described the stay at Fortis as a miserable. On being diagnosed with Dengue Type IV, Adya was admitted to Rockland Hospital of Dwarka. The doctors at Rockland asked Jayant to shift her immediately to a hospital with a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Adya was then admitted to Fortis on August 31.

On arrival itself, Adya was admitted to the PICU and heavily sedated. As many as 40 injections were given to her every day. The injections used were of the expensive variety, even though there were cheaper options available.

For example, the doctors gave Adya an intravenous anti-bacterial drug, Meropenem, which costs around Rs 500 per vial. But they opted for a branded version of the same drug that cost Rs 3,100. Branded choices of doctors ended up with a bill of over Rs 4 lakh for the drugs and Rs 2.7 lakhs for consumables like gloves.

 Source: news18

As if the pricing of the drugs wasn’t an issue already, Jayant added that there weren’t any doctors to attend to Adya on the weekends. Also, when the insurance limit ran out, the hospital started pressurizing him for the bill amount at the day’s end of over a lakh per day.

On October 14, Adya’s parents were told that 70-80 percent of her brain is damaged for good. Singh said, the doctors still forced for a plasma treatment costing about Rs. 15 lakhs.

It was at that moment that Jayant decided that Adya should be shifted to another hospital. He revealed how uncooperative Fortis was by not even letting them use the ambulance.

Singh suspects Adya had already died by then and that the hospital was only prolonging for raking in the moolah.

Adya’s mother was in no state of grieving as both the parents were rushing to get an ambulance, shift Adya to certify that she was dead and settle the account with Fortis. It was the Rockland Hospital that pronounced her dead.

 Source: news18

Struck by grief, the parents took to social media to narrate their incident.

Her mother said, “We want the government to at least take out corruption from the medical field. People actually die because of it.”

They’re weighing up the decision to sue the hospital for its wrongdoings. 

TOI also revealed that the hospital even charged a sum of Rs. 700 for the shroud which was used to wrap Adya's body while being handed over to the family.

In the meanwhile, Fortis said, that Adya was a sufferer of Dengue shock syndrome and had to be put on a life support so as to keep her going.

“The family was kept informed of the critical condition of the child and the poor prognosis in these situations. As a process, we counselled the family daily on the condition of the child,” it said in a statement.

“On 14th September, 17, family decided to take her away from the hospital against medical advice (LAMA - Leave Against Medical Advice) and she succumbed the same day,” it added.

The hospital also said that the girl was critical right from the time of admission, requiring Intensive monitoring.

“Treatment during these 15 days included mechanical ventilation, high frequency ventilation, continuous renal replacement therapy, intravenous antibiotics, inotropes, sedation and analgesia.”

“Care of ventilated patients in ICU requires a high number of consumables as per globally accepted infection control protocols. All consumables are transparently reflected in records and charged as per actuals,” it said.

Similar is the story of a Reddit user, who shared his horrific incident about Fortis.

The user's wife was to be treated for her auto-immune condition at Fortis. On the arrival itself, the doctors suggested them 10-12 tests without looking at the medical history of the patient. On the second visit, the doctors suggested a CT scan, without any clear reason and eventually suggesting a biopsy too! You can read the story, here!

Information source: news18

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