Forget Kamasutra, Here Are 9 Yoga Postition Which Will Give Everyone Yogasm!

The Art of Yoga provides complete cure to all remedies. Let's see 9 Yoga Postition Which Will Give Everyone Yogasm!

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Yes, yoga has a remedy for all your problems. Be it stress, body pain, depression. It is as Yoguru Ramdeobaba says, yoga has cure for all kinds of illness. It also might have the power to drive away everything ails your life and make you feel better than ever.

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You will Yogasm a thing to be made part of your daily life once you are done with this article. Yoga can make a miracle happen and sometimes that is all you need in life.

1. Upward Facing Dog aka Urdhva mukha svanasana

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It stretches your arms, Thorax, Lungs, Abdomen and lungs while strengthening arms, Vertebral column and waist.  

2. Downward Dog aka Adho mukha svanasana

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Lie down and stretch your hands out. Now slowly lift your core upwards while keeping your hands and legs in contact with the surface. This will strengthen your arms and legs while stretching your hand, shoulder, calf and arches of foot. Excellent pose for a full stretch of the body.

3. Bridge pose aka Setu bhanda

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Really simple to execute. Lie down on your back and place your hands by your sides. Now slowly lift your core up while keeping the legs and hands straight like an iron bar. This pose will stretch your thorax, neck and vertebral column.

4. The Pigeon Pose aka Eka pada rajakapotasana

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Begin with lying on your tummy then slowly raise your upper body while moving the leg out and in front of you. Now all you need to do is acquire a correct balance for the pose. It will stretch your Thigh, Thorax, Abdomen, Ankle, Groin, Psoas major muscle, Throat, Front of the body while reinforcing strength in your back and groin

5. The child pose aka Balasana

Source: Fitness Magzine

You have seen kids do this pose all the time and it is really not all that difficult to perform. Fold your legs and lie down on your tummy and extend your arms out in front. This pose will help your body relax while stretching your hip, thigh, and ankle.

6.  Mountain pose aka Tadasana

Source: Fitness magazine

Stand up straight with your hands pointing up towards the sky. Such a simple pose to do. It really stretches nothing but it strengthens your legs, ankles, heel, and thigh.

7. The Crow pose aka Bakasana

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It seems a bit extreme in the picture but it really isn’t. You can keep your legs grounded, while you stretch your arms, legs and back while it also strengthens them.

8. Plank pose aka Kumbhakaasana

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The push up pose, only there is really no need of pushing anything up or down. Just set yourself up as if you are about to do pushups but this time you have to stay that way for as long as you can do.

9. upward plank pose aka purvottanasana

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Looks like a reversed version of a push-up and totally easy to pull off. It stretches shoulder thorax and front ankle and strengthens arms, legs, wrist.

Easy workout poses for everyone to do. Go on and try all of these today.

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