Forest Official Carries A Baby Elephant On Shoulders To Reunite Him With His Mother!

This incident fetched a lot of appreciation for the official on social media.

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A rescue team of forest officials saved a baby elephant who was battling his life to get himself out of the canal. But what fascinated us was the willingness and courage, one official showed. The official took the baby elephant on his shoulders and ran just to reunite the calf with his mother.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Nellithurai area, Mettupalayam.

The month-old calf fell in a canal and was struggling in the mud. The incident came to light when, a local man who riding his tractor spotted a cow and an elephant amidst the road, in order to shoo them away when the driver raised the sound of his vehicle, the animals tried attacking him.

This trailed him towards the spot where the baby elephant was seen crying.

While the baby elephant waited for this mother, the calf till then was fed lactogen, glucose, and Coconut Water. The mother was finally reunited with her offspring after a long wait of two days.

Watch the heart-warming video, here: 

Information source: manoramaonline

Title image: thebetterindia

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