These Food-Related Superstitions Will Make You Go "Whaa?"

From curd-sugar to garlic, it seems food and superstitions share an unbreakable bond.

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The world around us is full of fascinating stories and beliefs. And when we combine food with superstitions, a total new set of theories emerges. Superstitions are powerful things, and they have carried across centuries to become solid belief systems for many people. Here are some weird superstitions people believe in:

1. Sourness of curd and sweetness of sugar

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If you were born and brought up in India then you definitely would have had curd and sugar right before your exam or any new venture. It’s an age old tradition followed by Indians till date; they say it is auspicious to gulp down this spoonful of Dahi-Shakkar.

2. Dropping your spoons and forks

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Russians believe that if your spoon falls on the ground, a woman shall unexpectedly visit your house and if it’s a knife, expect a man. So, if you have a lady guest to pay you a visit then just assume that someone in your home is careless with cutlery!

3. Hanging up garlic

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It is believed that if you carry a piece of garlic with you it repels the evil eye. Similarly, garlic was supposed to be a powerful deterrent against werewolves and vampires. Or it’s the pungent smell of garlic that wards off vampires? Also, if garlic is that strong then why is vervain used?

4. Coffee and its bubbles

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According to Greek superstition, when you get a hot steaming cup of coffee and see the bubbles in the mug drifting away from you, hard times might follow. If the bubbles drift towards you, it is a sign of wealth in the near future.

5. Egg shells and the Witch

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It is said that if you do not crush the egg shells after having the egg they will be gathered by a witch who will then use the shells to make a boat for herself. Thus if you crushed the shells, they would be of no use to her. Which means witches don't travel on broom these days..?

6. The Christmas Cake

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The most gala time of the year also comes with a superstition. It is said that all members of a family should stir the Christmas cake mixture so as to prevent bad luck on them. For young spinsters, doing so was supposed to be good - or else they would remain unmarried for a whole year.

7. It’s a tea thing

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Even sipping on tea has its own ramifications and one such is that if two people pour tea from the same pot, bad luck follows. The other story suggests that if one lifts the lid from the teapot while making tea, it means that a stranger will pay a visit to the home soon.

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