Not Following These Fashion Bloggers? Well, You Might Just Go Out Of Style Soon!

These bloggers create a fantastic experience for their readers by publishing style tips, photographs, videos and website links related to their blog.

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There are blogs and then there are brilliant bloggers behind them who outdo themselves with every latest post of theirs. These bloggers create a fantastic experience for their readers by publishing style tips, photographs, videos and website links related to their blog.

Fashion blogging is now a trending approach of sharing your style with the audience. It is a way of reaching to all the fashion savvy people and bringing the latest fashion fad from their closet straight to ours. Fashion blogs are jam-packed with clothing, footwear, style tips, cosmetics, stardom and much more. The fashion bloggers make sure that they reach maximum number of people so as to make their blogs more popular.

Here are the top 7 fashion bloggers to look out for:

1) Akansha Redhu

Source: akansharedhu

Akanksha Redhu started her blog in 2010. She extensively blogs and adds in a great deal of pictures about various fashion trends, events she attended and also about her travel diaries. She has a section in her blog where her readers can shop for fashion items which Akanksha has personally compiled and displayed on her website. She has also collaborated with major brands like Michael Kors, SONY Mobile, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Fiama Di Wills and more.

2) Republic of Chic - Ruhi Sheikh

Source: Instagram

Ruhi takes her inspiration from everything around her to put together new, honest ideas about fashion. And the pictorial journey of her blog takes us through with her sister Faiza Sheikh’s ideas. They redefine talent. Another feather in her cap is that she also is the founder and the Creative Head for All That Hype, a boutique digital agency that creates content for brands. She has collaborated with various other brands like Vogue, Lenovo, Kazo and many more.

3) Fuss - Rhea Gupte

Source: fuss

This aesthetically crafted blog is more focused on creative thinking. It shows how creative can one be with just a camera in hand. Her photographs are full of depth and dark tones and have a sense of sophistication mixed with eccentricity. Apart from the photographs, the type of fashion which is presented is great. Vogue India has collaborated with this blog. Other brands that have collaborated with Fuss are LIVA,, GAS, Chimp, Wills Lifestyle and many more.

4) Style Drive – Aayushi Bangur

Source: styldrv

It is an absolutely trendy blog which records her fashion journey. She’s an economics graduate and currently her blog is the only source of income. Her blog is simple, easy to browse and clutter-free. Plus, the great pictures that come along just add in more oomph. Current fashion trends, styling ideas, fun videos and of course, product reviews are what make her blog the one you want to run to when in style crisis.

5) Fashion Stirred - Kanika Karvinkop

Source: Instagram

This website gives you an insight about her passion for fashion, style and travel. The blogs she writes and her photographs give you much to know about it. The most interesting and viewed section in her blog is the “Get Styled” section where the readers get a chance to be styled by Kanika herself. She has collaborated with various brands like Xylys, Beach Company, Skagen, Tanishq and The Closet Label by Malaika Arora Khan.

6) Gia Says That – Gia Kashyap

Source: giasaysthat

If you’re an avid follower of fashion blogs, you can surely vouch for Gia to be a very talented and creative woman. She loves what she does and shares her love to the world through her blogs. She has worked as a graphic designer, fashion columnist and also has her own T-shirt business. A plethora of fashion trends, styling tips, accessories and products can be found on her blog. She has a separate section for food called as “The Food Lab” where she has blogs about various exotic food items. She has collaborated with major brands like UCB, Shopper’s Stop, BIBA and many others.

7) Stylish by Nature - Shalini Chopra

Source: stylishbynature

This true blue Bengaluru lass blogs about various fashion trends, exotic food items and apna bollywood. She shares her love for fashion, beauty and food on her blog. Apart from that, she has also provided her readers with a “Shop my Closet” section where the readers can buy clothes from her very own closet and you can avail SBN Shop. She has collaborated with brands like UCB, Pia Pauro and Food Panda.

Information source: blogmint

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