Bollywood To The Rescue! Flirt Lessons From Our Beloved Movies This Karva Chauth

Keep calm, it is Karva Chauth time.

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A day you fast, no food no water. An evening with the ladies chanting hymns and prayers, playing Mom to the moon, nagging it to show up early.

And bam! Your Husband is granted with a long life insurance!

Keep calm, it is Karva Chauth time.

And when we celebrate this gala how can we forget Bollywood?

Be it ladies in Manish Malhotra saris or the stupendously fake large white moon, Bollywood has made this festival every lover’s dream celebration. And here are times when we were given flirt lessons by our celebs on Karva Chauth.

The first couple synonymous with quintessential love is our Raj and Simran:

Every Naari’s loyalty test? Who feeds her food and water at the end, and Simran gives you a classy escape FAKE FAINT! So pretentious that your boyfriend gets the hint and saves you by offering water!


Source: youtube

Source: youtube

Well, what would Bolly be without heartbreak?

Remember Nandini  and Sameer from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? Sneak up to your terrace to celebrate Karva Chauth with your bae! Easy way out is using similes to the moon and complimenting your bae! But if you breakup, you have only one option - GRUMPY FACE:

Source: wikinewforum

Source: bobhata

And a sporty way to flirt? EGO COMPETITION

Aha! The hottie Rohan and beautiful Poo challenge each other to sing out their secrets, confused?


And suddenly all Londoners become Alok Nath Fans. Karva Chauth KJo style, all ladies in a Manish Malhotra outfit.


Source: apherald

Source: tumblr

Sneaking your boyfriend into your house never grows old! Meet  Payal and Rajiv from Ishq Vishq!

You know what wins hearts? When you say that rasam and rivaaj are no mazak for you!

#sanskaar swag

Source: wikinewforum

Babuji approves!

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