Flippy- The Burger Flipping Robot Gets Fired After Its First Day At Job

It handles 12 burgers at once by using image recognition and heat-sensing technology.

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Flippy: The Burger-Flipping Robot first shot to fame in the food and tech world when it was seen flipping the burger at Cali Burger outlet in Pasadena.

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The name Flippy describes the work it does, which is rated to be an unskilled job. Well, it is just an arm which is seen flipping the patties on the grill, with cheese placed over it. Flippy can also rotate spatula, using different ones for raw and cooked burgers.

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Flippy, the six-axis robot arm is fastened to the kitchen floor and receives orders via digital tickets. It guages the cooking time with image recognition and heat-sensing technology. In order to coordinate with human employees on when to add cheese or prepare the buns, cooking time gets displayed on the screen.

The objective of having the robotic arm in the outlet was to get the work done faster. Also, this entire work is not a fun job; it’s hot, greasy and dirty. So who better than a robot to do it?

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But then, just after he worked for a day, the robot was taken offline, because it was very slow. Though it is removed on a temporary basis, Flippy is said to make a comeback with an upgraded version which will work even faster.

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John Miller, the CEO says,

There’s no doubt that automation is taking jobs away from humans, but it’s difficult to keep trained employees at fast-food restaurants like CaliBurger, which pays $13 or more per hour. We train them, they work on the grill, they realize it’s not fun … and so they leave and drive Ubers.

According to the reports of USA Today,

The robot was still in place behind the grill at the burger joint but was switched off. A sign said the robot would be "cooking soon" but gave no date for when it would once again be flipping hamburger patties.

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The robot is being installed in 50 locations of CaliBurger run by California based- John Miller. This robotic arm which costs about $60,000 and was exclusively designed for the CaliBurger chain. 

Information source: bbc, digitaltrends

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