Flight Diverted As Passenger Smears His Poop All Over The Loo

The flight was diverted to Alaska after this incident.

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Many times it happens that the flight you’re boarded on gets diverted due to the poor climatic conditions. Well, this is a very normal thing to happen, right?

But, what if we tell you that there has happened some incidents which had made the flight divert inadvertently; for a very shitty, like really shit-ty!

Apparently, a flight named United was flying down to Hong Kong from Chicago; where one of the passengers used the lavatory and spread his faeces all over the restroom. Disgusting as it sounds, this poop incident made Flight 895 divert on Thursday night.

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It is also reported that the man after destroying the lavatory with this poop, removed his shirt and tried to shove it into the toilet.

Anchorage airport police lieutenant Joe Gamache on telephone said,

We received a report of a passenger who had messed up the bathrooms with his own faeces.

As the passenger’s attitude towards the aircraft crew and fellow passengers was not troubling, no charges were filed against him.

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Though this crazy-poopy incident might not have created any havoc, the man was still taken to the hospital for a mental check-up.

According to the statement given by the Unite to the Post, they said,

We provided hotel accommodations for our customers and are working to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible,” United told The Post in a statement.

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Information source: abc7, nypost

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