Flight Crew Member Slaps Colleague For Mistakenly Serving Non-Veg Food To Passenger

While we see the flight crew members greeting their passengers with a warm smile, the attitude behind the curtains, in this case, was rather different.

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A trivial mistake is meant to be forgiven, they say. But, who gives a damn?!

Recently, a cabin crew member of Air India flight allegedly slapped her junior colleague for mistakenly serving non-vegetarian food to a vegetarian passenger.

While the passenger who pointed out the mistake to the cabin supervisor didn’t file any complain about the inconvenience, the senior crew member, on the other hand, got very furious and took this extreme step. 

The flight was Frankfurt-bound from New Delhi and the incident took place on March 17.

Source: indianexpress

No one thought that what started as a minor issue would end up in this way.

The attendant even apologised for the act and replaced the meal with the preferable choice- Veg. The sources said that the cabin crew supervisor couldn’t quell the anger and hence raised the issue again. 

Though the junior colleague did not fight back, she later did file a complaint with Air India’s in-flight service department.

The Air India spokesperson said,

We have received a complaint from the cabin crew of the flight AI 121 ( New Delhi-Frankfurt) . An internal inquiry has been set up to investigate the allegations in the complaint.

Information Source: hindustantimes

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