This Five-Year-Old Has Started A Cleanliness Drive For Srinagar’s Dal Lake

While our netas are busy getting clicked, brooms in hand for the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan, what our country actually needs are more people like Jannat!

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Sometimes little children understand the importance of things that adults tend to ignore. This 5-year-old girl from Srinagar thought of doing something even adults couldn’t think of.

Dal lake is one of the most visited tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir. But in the past few years, due to a rise in the number of tourists, problems caused by pollution are becoming more and more common.

What we don’t understand, is that what’s just a packet of chips or a useless piece of paper for us, can lead to something disastrous.

Since the early 1980s, both the Central and state authorities have been taking measures to prevent the Dal lake from getting polluted but even after spending almost 1,100 crores on it, the results are saddening.

This 5-year-old local has decided to take matters into her hand and is cleaning the lake herself. Little Jannat, who has taken up cleaning the lake in a shikara, wants to restore the paradise status of her state.

Jannat has taken this commendable initiative with her father.

"People should not litter Dal lake and instead use dustbin for throwing waste," she told ANI.


"There is a lot of litter in the Dal lake. I request all children of my age to get on their boats and help clean the lake with me. The lake is beautiful but they have polluted it. I would like to request everyone in the city to help me with this," she said in a video that recently went viral.

While our netas are busy in photo-op with brooms in hand for the Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan, what our country actually needs is more people like Jannat!

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