Five Smart And Unusual Fabric Technologies That Will Change Your World

There many new technologies, which has helped in producing some mind blowing fabrics and clothing.

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With changing times, textile productions has also changed a lot. There are many new technologies, which has helped in producing some mind-blowing fabrics and clothing. These new technologies aren't all about lights and chip, but about how one can solve our everyday problems or creating new attire.

Reacho has compiled a list of such creative and new ideas, below!

#1 The Jacket That Can Repair Itself

A Washington-based company called Imperial blue started a new line- ‘The new Nano Cure Tech clothing’. If you accidentally damage the material, just rub the fabric for few seconds and the damage is repaired. It is possible because of a special coating and the heat and friction from rubbing the material allows the fibers to reconnect themselves.

Here’s how it works:

#2 The Flashback Photobomber Hoodie

These hoodies are perfect for all those who don’t like clicking pictures. Wearing this hoodie would make you invisible to flash photography.Fabric coated with glass nanospheres provides amazing reflectivity, which helps you from not appearing in a picture. This hoodie is produced by Chris Holmes.

#3 Suitsy, Most Comfortable Suit Ever!

Suits can be really uncomfortable and boring at times. It is a onesie designed like a suit, so now you are sure it is pretty comfortable. And plus your are ready for work in minutes. The Suitsy is created by Jesse Herzog. Know more about it by watching a video.


#4 The Blazer And Jeans Which Helps Avoid Robbery

Now the security is right in your pockets. This is the first RFID-blocking jeans and blazer created by a California based clothing brand and security firm Norton. The collection is called- ‘The Ready Jeans and Blazers’.

#5 Qmilch - The Bio Milk Fiber

The designer of this fabric is Anke Domaske, who formerly studied microbiology.

The fabric feels just like silk and is washable. It dries twice as fast as cotton. Plus, it contains the protein that possesses antibacterial and anti-aging amino acids. It also helps to regulate both body temperature and blood circulation.

Wanna see how it’s made? Watch the video: 

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Title image: shop.ccs, dailydot, betabrand

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