Lest We Forget: Three Fishermen Who Went Missing After The 2008 Mumbai Attacks Declared Dead

The terror attacks took 166 lives, leaving more than 300 injured.

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The wounds of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks are still fresh and deep. The deadly attacks carried out by ten Pakistani terrorists left 166 people dead and injured over 300.

The terrorists entered Mumbai after hijacking the Indian ship called ‘MV Kuber’ in the Arabian Sea, near Porbandar. While the beheaded body of Amarsingh Solanki, captain of the fateful ship, was found during the investigation, there were no signs of the three fishermen which were onboard at that time.

In 2016, families of the three deceased fishermen requested the Navsari civil court to declare the fishermen dead and provide them with compensation. With respect to this appeal, the civil court approved this request taking Section 108 of Indian Evidence Act 1872 into consideration. This act states that a person is presumed to be dead if he is unheard for more than seven years. 

In 2015, the families had approached the Navsari District Collector before going to the court. They submitted the applications which said that the fishermen were dead, to the court in January 2016.

"Police and state government submitted copies of the judgment of Mumbai terror attack case conducted in Maharashtra in Navsari civil court during the hearing. The court was informed that during police investigation it was claimed that the fishermen had been killed by the terrorists soon after they had hijacked the fishing boat," district government pleader Tushar Sule told The Times of India.

With this judgment, the compensation deprived families will get 3 lakhs rupees and other benefits which were also given to the victims of Mumbai terror attacks. 

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