First-Borns Are The Worst Drivers: Research

Elder ones are more likely to be involved in speeding, getting fined, and causing accidents

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If you are a younger sibling, this article is a bullet for you.

We all know how annoying the elder siblings can be, walking around the house like they own it, all because they came first.

According to a recent research, elder children are more likely to cause road accidents in UK. Evidently, younger ones are more safe drivers and are less likely to cause speeding, getting fined and causing road accidents.

Privilege Car Insurance did a study on the driving habits of 1,395 motorists. The study reveals that 89% of the older siblings are likely to speed, 35% to get fined, 47% are likely to cut off other drivers.

46% of them will be driving in the middle of road. That there is the most annoying part.

17% of the elder children in UK admit to putting make-up while driving, while a 30% use their phones which is a crime. Due to which a 22% are found in minor accidents and 15% in major accidents.

But your parents will still love them the most. Ugh.

Study also has something for the only children. It says the only child, though selfish (as the stereotype says) are more responsible and considerate drivers.

The only children are least likely to drive in the middle of the road, or cut off other drivers.

Let the arguments, begin!

Information Source: metrouk

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