These Firefighters Broke Inside The Burning House Just To Rescue The Dog!

Sampson, the dog was accidentally trapped inside the house when fire broke.

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Tragedy struck in a family living in Washington on Monday when their house was caught in the fire. The entire family ran out of the house but unfortunately, the dog got trapped inside. 

The dog named Sampson was tragically left inside the house when the chaos occurred and to rescue this dog, the team of firefighters from Snohomish County Fire District 7 came running down to the residence. And in no time the first responders leapt into the action and embraced the dog.

The department on the release said,

Firefighters quickly forced entry into the home to start their initial search, Crews were able to locate the dog and bring him out to the driveway where the medics were.

But when rescued, everyone’s hope went to despair because Sampson didn’t response.

Thankfully the rescuers didn’t refuse to give up on him and quickly performed a CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with a special animal rescue kit that is used to regulate oxygen to pets.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when the dog regained the consciousness.

Sampson was later taken to a veterinary doctor and got discharged the same day. To reassure if everything was alright the firefighters paid a visit to the house and got awestruck when Sampson acquainted them as a token of gratitude.

Information source: thedodo

Image source: thrillist

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