Assorted Fine Art Work Of R.K. Laxman That Is A Mix Match Of His Artistic Skills

J.J. School Of Arts refused to admit him in their college saying as he 'lacked' the kind of talent to qualify for enrolment in the institution.

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Known for his brilliant artwork and cartoons that made a virtual world real, this great personality needs no introduction. From illustrating cartoons to drawing political faces, Laxman’s flair towards the art made the canvas of his life colourful.

His common man caricature was not only relatable to the aam janta but also fetched him a great recognition in this world of art.

On his birthday, we present you some beautiful artworks of him that are just too brilliant to stay away from.

Down the memory lane of Malgudi days:

Ta-na-na-ta-na-na… Not familiar with this tune? Then my friend you’ve missed quite an iconic series of that era. But nevertheless, the brilliant sketch still has a lot say. Apart from Malgudi days, Laxman also contributed his artwork in a popular Hindi sitcom- Waghle Ki Duniya.

Gattu the mascot:

Asian Paint’s popular mascot, Gattu was his creation. In the 1950s-70s, the mischievous Gattu was a part of Asian Paints' advertising but was later called off in the year of 2002.

Travelogues: A journey from an eye of a painter

While we carry souvenirs and best memories of the place we visited, Laxman took canvas and colours to draw his experiences.

Popular Personalities:

Drawing caricatures of every popular face of every work field, the artistic skills of his have always astounded us!

When prominent faces arose to appreciate him:

Life even for the Common Man becomes worth living with Shri Laxman’s wit and wisdom in full cry.   To laugh and make others laugh and to think and make others think is the unique gift of every cartoonist of repute.  — Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Thank you for putting a smile on million faces every day. ‘The Uncommon Man’ RK Laxman.   — Anurag Basu

Every morning for over 50 years, RK Laxman captured the sights, sounds, and yes, above all else, the wit, humour, sarcasm of India.  — Rajdeep Sardesai

A great man who used a small space to tell such meaningful stories. RK Laxman brought joy.   — Harsha Bhogle

Information source: rklaxman, wikipedia

All images sourced from: rklaxman

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